SauceNAO is a reverse image search engine. The name 'SauceNAO' is derived from a slang form of "Need to know the source of this Now!" which has found common usage on image boards and other similar sites.


The search functionality of SauceNAO was first made public in October 2008 to help fill the need for a useful and efficient way to find information on the source of scanned magazine pages. The original index was a mere twenty-thousand pages... Since its inception SauceNAO has grown substantially, indexing more traditional illustrations and even full length video.


With the assistance of piespy from the IQDB project, SauceNAO was designed and implemented by Xamayon. It is still very much a work in progress, constantly being modified, reshaped, and expanded. As such, some features are not fully fleshed out, and others may at times seem broken. For the most part though, the site just works. ;P

Questions, comments, or concerns? E-Mail Xamayon, or drop by #IQDB on the Rizon IRC network.