SauceNAO Privacy Policy:

The SauceNAO sites, their APIs, and all related services (collectively, "SauceNAO"), of which is a part, operate primarily as a reverse image search engine. Users upload images as queries and those query images are compared to the contents of our databases to provide similar results. Query images uploaded by users are stored in full and thumbnailed size for a short period of time (generally less than half an hour) to enable the initial search query to be performed, and allow image manipulations for additional queries if desired. After the period of time is elapsed, the images are deleted. Query images supplied via URL are handled the same way, but may be cached for a longer period of time to reduce bandwidth consumption and load on third party sites when a single image is searched repeatedly.

SauceNAO tracks the number of searches and other actions performed by IP, and for logged in users, by account. The content of search queries is not recorded. Users with accounts are asked to provide a user name, an email address, and a password. Passwords are hashed with bcrypt before storage, and email addresses will not be shared with any outside parties except as required by law.

Users who upgrade their accounts have several ways of paying for the upgrade, and many of those services store the information you provide as part of the payment process. SauceNAO stores limited information needed to link transactions back to those records. Please see the payment processor privacy policies for more information.

The web servers SauceNAO uses maintain access logs which include the time, IP, referrer, and accessed URL, but which do not contain any submitted or accessed file data. These access logs are maintained for capacity planning, error remediation, and abuse detection purposes. Access logs will not be shared with any outside parties except as required by law.

SauceNAO utilizes cookies for associating your browser with your account when logged in, as part of the password reset process, and for keeping track of any non-default settings such as whether messages or ads should be displayed.

SauceNAO uses Google Analytics to collect usage information. Google Analytics utilizes cookies for tracking individual users and for other purposes. Please see their privacy policy for more information.

Users which are not logged in or authenticated to an upgraded account may be served ads through third party distributors and ad networks. The third-party distributors and ad networks utilize cookies and other tools to distribute advertisments based on the website browsing history associated with each user. Each user has the ability to configure the use of cookies and other tools used by third-party distributors and ad networks through their opt-out pages.

SauceNAO Terms of Use:

The SauceNAO sites, their APIs, and all related services (collectively, "SauceNAO") are subject to change at any time without notice. Usage of SauceNAO is subject to limits based on whether you are logged in/authenticated, and your account type. A single user can have multiple accounts if they desire, but utilizing multiple IPs to bypass usage limits is not acceptable, and may result in a ban. Sharing of accounts is also not acceptable, and may result in loss of any upgraded status or a ban.

We provide no Guarantees or Warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Do not rely on the validity of any results or information provided, and do not rely on SauceNAO being available or functional when you need it. We may modify these terms at any time without notice. Changes to the terms take effect immediately on posting, and continued usage of SauceNAO constitutes acceptance of the terms.